Sunday, 18 May 2014

His Golden Thread {Word received 6 April 2014}

I am spinning my web of golden protection on earth as it has been established in Heaven centuries ago. The stars tell the story of My golden web. Where there are pockets of My web replacing the enemy's web, you'll see My Glory shining through in many forms, shapes and sizes. Now I call you to take dominion in the spiritual realm just as I have called you to take dominion of the earth. This is the time to bring Heaven to earth and where you have succeeded by My Spirit there will be manifestations of My Glory as not yet found on this earth. Prepare to be perplexed and amazed. My web of gold is about to cover the earth.

Scripture references: Jeremiah 5:15, Deut 12, Isaiah 20

The Golden Orb Spider's web that I found. It is much stronger than normal spider webs and it is gold in colour!