Thursday, 29 January 2015

My heart cry

My bride is scattered across the earth like leaves blown about in the wind, tears streaming with no one catching them. This is not My will. My heart is to see My bride walking in unity, caring for each other just as I care for My Son. Without unity there is no power and without power there can be no Glory. For We operate in unity just as John 17 clearly states. My children why are you still looking at the specks in each other's eyes? Where is the love I gave you as a free gift? Yours to receive on an open tray of Grace? My heart is crying out, crying like an eagle in the wilderness for My bride. Every time My bride hurts the whole of heaven shakes. My Son is ready to descend but He cannot come till the bride displays Our unity. I have called you to be one with not one of you divided. This can only be achieved by Grace through My Son Jeshua, whom all authority has been given throughout the whole universe. Ask for this Grace daily because without it you cannot survive this race. One day I want to greet you face to face and say: well done My good and faithful servant.

My bride, let this unity be a new song throughout the earth so that the earth may know that I sent My Son to save it.

Shalom from a Father's heart

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Crossing our river Jordan

Today I received a word about the time we are in now:

Joshua 3 & 4: The remnant represents the priests carrying the covenant across the Jordan. Confirmation: v 15 (time of harvest - which we are in now). We are now crossing the river Jordan into the promised land. The remnant is like the priests, holding up the covenant, now sealed in Jesus deep within our hearts and this remnant will lead the way for Israel to follow on dry ground into the promised land where giants will be conquered by the grace of God who has ALREADY overcome them ALL (v 10).

Joshua 4:19 - the people came up from the Jordan on the 10th of the FIRST month (Saturday is the 10th of Jan, our first mth).

Thank you Jesus. We praise Your Holy name. AMEN